Looking at Jayson Werth Replacements

The big subject of the Phillies off season is Jayson Werth.  The Phillies don’t have the financial funding to give Werth a large contract, but still have a knack for him and want to resign him.  The Phillies also have Domonic Brown the young right fielder, that most think is not quite ready to handle an every day job.  Brown has a bright future, but still may need time to learn how to hit major league pitching.  In this blog post, we look at possible replacements, the Phillies could acquire via trade or free agency.  

Josh Willingham Washington Nationals
Willingham has been thrown into trade rumors often, but hasn’t been talked of that much this off season.  The best part about Willingham wouldn’t cost much.  The Nationals would probably ask for not much more then a young prospect or two.  Willingham, the right hander, has experience in right and left field.  He could serve in a platoon with Raul Ibanez in left, or Domonic Brown in right.  Along with Willingham the Phillies could use Ben Francisco to stack the lineup with righties against a tough left hander, such as Met pitcher Johan Santana.  
Carlos Quentin Chicago White Sox
Quentin would cost more then Willingham in a trade with Chicago, but is capable of hitting 35+ home runs.  The only risk you run is that he is injury prone.  If you lose him for a long period of time, as we saw with the White Sox, it will hurt your offense.  Quentin would have to platoon with Ibanez more then not, because you wouldn’t want two poor fielders, (Ibanez and Quentin) playing on opposite sides of the outfield.  Quentin could put up Jayson Werth like hitting numbers.
Justin Upton Arizona Diamondbacks
This replacement is a little far stretched but could eventually be possible.  We all know by now, that Amaro likes to make bold moves, and never stays out of the news.  A Justin Upton trade would require a package of 3 or 4 top of the line prospects, and it does not appear the Phillies are in the position to bid prospects.  However, Upton who’s only 22, would be around for awhile.  Even though his 2010 numbers weren’t too impressive, he is capable of hitting .280 with 30 HR.  And that’s now, we may see 45-50 once he’s 27.

Happy Thankgiving

Happy Thankgiving

Phillies to Offer Jayson Werth Arbitration

No big surprise here.  The Phillies are going to offer Jayson Werth arbitration.  Werth is a Type A free agent, therefor the Phillies would receive two draft picks if he were to sign with another team.  In other moves…

  • The Phillies brought in left hander Dan Meyer on a minor league deal.  Meyer has pitched on the Marlins among other teams.
  • Hall of Fame second basemen Ryne Sandberg has a agreed to manage the Phillies triple-A team in Lehigh Valley.  Sandberg left the Cubs organization after being frustrated about not being offered the manager position.
  • Former second basemen Mickey Morandini will coach  the Phillies Single-A team in Clearwater.
  • The Phillies added multiple players to the 40 man roster including Justin DeFratus and Freddy Galvis.  The most notable player left off the roster is Joe Savery.  The Phillies are in the middle of converting him into a first basemen.
  • The Phillies will not offer Type B free agent Chad Durbin arbitration. 

Joey Votto Wins the NL MVP

Joey Votto won the 2010 NL MVP Award
Votto took home the NL MVP award.  He hit .324 with 37 HRs and 113 RBI.  Albert Pujols came in second and Carlos Gonzalez slide in third.  The three, Pujols, Votto, and Cargo were thought of the three primary candidates for the award.  Joining Pujols, Votto, and Gonzalez in the top 10 were Adrian Gonzalez, Troy Tulowitzki, Roy Halladay, Aubrey Huff, Jayson Werth, Martin Prado, and Ryan Howard.  
Out of the top 10 Ryan Howard was the biggest surprise to me, although I didn’t really see Huff and Werth in the top 10.  Howard hit over 40 home runs in all of his full seasons except in  2010.  Aubrey Huff was picked up in the later part of the 2009 off season and wasn’t expected to be a difference maker.  He lead the Giants in home runs with 27 and was a stationary figure at first base, something the Giants hadn’t had in a long time.  Jayson Werth did put up a career high .296 batting average, and lead the National League in doubles, but only hit 27 home runs.  For a player of his type you’d expect 35-40 HR in a MVP year.

11/17 News and Notes

Here’s the rundown on the latest Phillies news…

  • Congratulations to Roy Halladay, who recently won the 2010 Cy Young Award.  He pitched dominantly this season.  He put up 21 wins 219 strikeouts and a 2.44 ERA.  
  • The Phillies and Jose Contreras finalized a two year contract discussed in one of our other posts.  Contreras will get 5.5m, along with some incentives he may earn.  The Phillies hold a club option for 2013.
  • It has been rumored that, the Phillies are discussing a trade with the Chicago White Sox.  This trade would send outfielder Carlos Quentin to the Phillies.  Quentin, along with Shane Victorino, Raul Ibanez, Domonic Brown, and Ben Francisco would fill at the outfield, with John Mayberry waiting closely in the wings.
  • David Murphy of the Philadelphia Inquirer reported Phils GM Ruben Amaro jr (RAJ) reiterated that he does not have a firm payroll limit.  The Phillies have over 140m invested in the players they currently have.  We’ll see what happens there.
  • Nothing has came out of Jayson Werth camp, looks like he and other top dogs, Carl Crawford and Cliff Lee will wait to sign after the winter meetings.

Roy Halladay to dawn the Cover of 2k11

Halladay mlb 2k11-thumb-550x783-2528511
Roy Halladay is set to be on next years version of the popular sports video game series 2ksports.  Halladay will be the second Phillie in the last decade to hit the cover of any major video game, the last being Ryan Howard, who was on MLB 08 The Show.  
Normally, MLB The Show is regarded to be the top baseball video game, hopefully 2k has something special in store.  The cover is an improvement from years past.  As well, 2k has a great prospect in the My Player mode, now make it happen.
A lot is made of the “madden curse” or what not, but the last time the Phillies were hit with it, they won the World Series.  Maybe it should be called 2k luck?

Sources Say Phillies and Contreras Close to 2 year deal

The Phillies and Jose Contreras are allegedly close to agreeing upon a 2 year contract worth 5 million.  The Phillies have a option for a third year.  Along with the option Contreras can earn more money from incentives.  More will come once this deal is official.

Phillies Sign Pete Orr

The Phillies have signed veteran journeyman Pete Orr to a minor league deal.  Orr has served at second base,third base, shortstop, and all three outfield positions.  He should provide Lehigh Valley and maybe eventually the Phillies, (once Rollins goes down, it’s only a matter of time) some flexibility.  Orr hit .264 with 12 home runs and 32 doubles, playing with the Nationals AAA club.

Orr is the second infielder the Phillies have acquired this off season.  Carlos Rivero, a young shortstop from Cleveland was claimed last week.  Along with those two, the Phillies still have Ozzie Chavez and Brian Bocock for the time being.  The Phillies are expected to drop Bocock as they did with Paul Hoover earlier this off season.
Also, the Phillies resigned Dane Sardinha who hit .205 this past season with the Phillies.

11/10 News and Notes

  • A close source to the Phillies says there is about a 0 percent chance Jayson Werth returns.
  • Ruben Amaro jr. has been working agressively to resign Jose Contreras.
  • The Phillies have contacted about 40 free agents, most of them left handed relievers.
  • Jeff Francouer has hit free agency, he could be a player the Phils go after.

N.L Gold Glove Awards Announced

Just around this time every year we all get to writing about who should win what and why and who got ripped off.  Now I’m not starting this way to tell you I’m about to do something entirely different, because that would not be true.  Here are my rumblings and grumblings. 

Last year both Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins and outfielder Shane Victorino took home the gold gloves.  However, only Victorino went on to receive his third straight gold glove.(Side note: Jimmy Rollins has won the last 3 gold gloves up until 2010)  In fact, only 1 other player repeated, that’s Yadier Molina.  
Of the 9 gold glove award winners, only 4 eclipsed the age of 30.  I think this shows us how many more young players are given a shot these days, to play at a young age.  We also have seen over the past few off seasons that many veterans are left out there in January and February.  
The Outfielders – Michael Bourn HOU, Shane Victorino PHI, Carlos Gonzalez COL
I think by choosing these three outfielders it stresses the stereotype that center fielders are the best at covering ground in the outfield.  Surely, Michael Bourn has phenomenal speed to help him go coast to coast and up hills and down valleys.  Victorino has a great arm and runs very well too.  Finally, “Cargo” has one of the best arms in the game and has great speed.  I know your not supposed to consider hitting in the gold glove races but that speed allows the Rockies to place Gonzalez anywhere in the lineup (my MVP).  I know Gonzalez has logged innings in left field and right field,  but he is fully capable as a center fielder.  This means that in the last 5 years, 4 times there have been 3 CF in the gold glove outfield.
Middle Infield – SS Troy Tulowitzki COL, 2B Brandon Phillips CIN 
As much as I love Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins, I gotta hand it to these guys.  Phillips has always been a slick fielding defender, and in a year where his team hit there stride he improved all over the board.  Tulowitzki has a cannon for an arm, and just as much range as any shortstop in the league.  He can make almost any throw from any position.
Corner Infield – 1B Albert Pujols STL, 3B Scott Rolen CIN
I personally would’ve liked to see Joey Votto and Ryan Zimmerman hold these awards.  However, Pujols and Rolen are good defenders and have a case.  Rolen is a little to broken down and doesn’t have any zip on his throws from the games I’ve seen him in, but many say he’s coming back into his own.  Pujols will be Pujols.  He had a .998 fielding percentage this year, meaning he’s almost perfect.  

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