Joey Votto Wins the NL MVP

Joey Votto won the 2010 NL MVP Award
Votto took home the NL MVP award.  He hit .324 with 37 HRs and 113 RBI.  Albert Pujols came in second and Carlos Gonzalez slide in third.  The three, Pujols, Votto, and Cargo were thought of the three primary candidates for the award.  Joining Pujols, Votto, and Gonzalez in the top 10 were Adrian Gonzalez, Troy Tulowitzki, Roy Halladay, Aubrey Huff, Jayson Werth, Martin Prado, and Ryan Howard.  
Out of the top 10 Ryan Howard was the biggest surprise to me, although I didn’t really see Huff and Werth in the top 10.  Howard hit over 40 home runs in all of his full seasons except in  2010.  Aubrey Huff was picked up in the later part of the 2009 off season and wasn’t expected to be a difference maker.  He lead the Giants in home runs with 27 and was a stationary figure at first base, something the Giants hadn’t had in a long time.  Jayson Werth did put up a career high .296 batting average, and lead the National League in doubles, but only hit 27 home runs.  For a player of his type you’d expect 35-40 HR in a MVP year.


All of those players had phenomenal years.

First off, Congrats to Joey Votto for securing the National League MVP award.
Worst thing about Jayson Werth getting that many votes is that it added some additional chicken scratch to his signing bonus, plus made him possibly the top tier outfielder over Carl Crawford.
But if you really dig into the top 10 vote getters for the NL MVP, you get a Fantasy team most people only dream about. From 1-10 you have guys who not only performed at a peak level in 2010, but great clubhouse guys and true leaders on their clubs.
This award is definitely one the voters got right.

Rays Renegade

I usually don’t read into the top 10, I just discussed this because it involved players on the Phillies, and this is a Phillies blog.

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